Quick Start

Step 1: Write some Markdown.

  • Use Bold action button for bold, or hit Ctrl-B
  • Use Italics action button for italics, or hit Ctrl-I
  • Use Add Image action button or Ctrl-G to insert images.
MarkUpDown with minimal text

Step 2: Save your file by clicking

  • Even before you saved, MarkUpDown had been autosaving your work to a backup file every few seconds automatically.
  • is Ctrl-S
Save button highlighted

Step 3: Export your HTML!

  • Click the HTML badge to save to your clipboard, then paste wherever you want...
  • Or click the Export button to export to an HTML file.
  • is Ctrl-P (for exPort)

That's it! You're marking up with Markdown!

Why not try something fancy today? Clicking the "Upload and Add Image" icon (or hitting Ctrl-Shift-G) will upload an image to imgur for public hosting, and then insert the image tag into your application!

MarkUpDown is (c) 2016 by rufwork.com, LLC. Portions of this software fall under open-source licenses, and are [thanksfully!] used here, including Material Design Icons, MarkdownSharp, JSON.Net, UWPBox, and Rufwork Extensions.